Oh Google Home, how I enjoy yelling at you for things.  My favorite pastime is watching my mother with her thick NOLA accent forcefully demand the most random disco songs from her generation.  Google can’t quite process her pronunciations and replies with, “I’m not sure how to help with that.” Letting out a sigh of frustration she is back at it trying again.  This continues until Google finally figures it out or until either my boyfriend or I decided to intervene.
Google Home is great for playing music mostly, it has some other aspects but not much after that.  After a long day of running errands, me and my boyfriend pull into the garage. We turn off the car and proceed to exit the vehicle… “Omg!!” I exclaim.  “Do you hear something?!” I continue. The low bass is echoing from the house. Unsure what could be happening, my boyfriend and I rush to the door. We look around frantically around the entrance of the doorway, not knowing what to expect.  There, the Google Home is most obviously playing the most intense classical music I have ever heard. I wish I could remember what it was specifically. Alas, “How the HELL did this happen?” I exclaim again. Was this how the government was letting them know they are listening, had we been hacked, could this be someone else using our Google?! I was so confused.  Thank god my boyfriend is a hell of a lot more knowledgeable about tech stuff than I am. He knew to go straight to the logs. Yeah, as you should know, Google has LOGS of this stuff. Welp, there it was. The sweet sound of “Okay Google, BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP”… It was Coco… in my mother’s voice.IMG_20170125_182354_01  And somehow the second parrot said something that sounded like “opera”.  Yes, according to the Google, it had been playing for FOUR HOURS. Meanwhile Coco was still saying “Okay Google” for nearly half the day, but only one time stuck with a command.  A command to play the curmudgeon the most obnoxious opera music ever known to man. Thank god we didn’t have an Amazon Echo or we would have came home to credit card charges and packages at the front door.


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