It was a usual day of inventory review and customer service at Blockbuster, the now completely nonexistent movie rental store.  Our store location was rough: 90’s DOS computers that barely worked, black mold covered walls, and huge leaky front window  from a car that ran into it.  Other than that, we had a good team and an awesome store manager. I was even working my way up to shift manager after being there less than 6 months.  I was responsible, exceptional with money, and fairly good with customers… though I loathed them all.  It was a decent part-time job while still in college, and it was better than dealing with the “hangrys”.

We were working to destroy stacks of perfectly good DVDs, yes you heard right, another reason why this company is long gone.  It pained me to destroy anything perfectly fine, but if we didn’t do our jobs we could be seriously penalized.  We were behind the counter as this gentlemen walked up through the zig-zag maze of a candy trap to check out. I looked at my other two coworkers and nodded I got this, and proceeded to greet the customer.  “Hi Sir, are you ready to check out?” I politely said. And in the most insulted and pissed off at the world voice he responded, “Yes, and I’m a woman.”

Now, let’s pause.  I am a 100% full supporter of the LGBTQ community, and I would NEVER intentionally insult someone by assuming their gender.  Okay, now that we got that out I will continued.

I WAS HORRIFIED!  I wanted to shove those broken DVDs directly into my mouth so I could never talk again.  I wasn’t responsible with my words.  Blame it on the old fashion southern ways I was raised.  By first glance she was a bigger, burly, short haired, button down dressed woman, and it just naturally came out.  I quickly finished checking her out, so the whole situation could be over.  But as soon as she left, my two coworkers laughed and mocked me the whole day.  I was so hurt.  So to that beautiful woman, I am sorry for assuming, please let it be known it was not intentional.Image result for Pat



One thought on “Excuse Me Sir

  1. Benny, were you there that afternoon getting icees with our other friend in high school when I called the visually obvious man “ma’am” bc his voice was feminine (& I obviously wasn’t using my eyes/brain very well)?
    OMG i was so embarrassed but thank God that clerk took it well, he was laughing too (probably bc my face was BRIGHT RED) so it was all good.
    But that embarrassment of hurting someone’s feelings is painful.


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