Y’all remember when I wrote about my co-worker’s wife being super-ultra-mega picky about house hunting, HERE ?

Well, well ,well. I overheard some gossip this morning.  They found a listing that suited Little Miss Muffet. However they couldn’t be bothered to actually drive the few hours to come and see it. For some reason, their realtor told them A) it wasn’t going to last (expensive house don’t really move quickly here) and B) the sellers wouldn’t take their offer seriously if they didn’t come see it in person. Sounds like their realtor was trying to force a sale, in my opinion. I mean, an offer is an offer. Right?

So, what’s the most logical thing to do here? Obviously, it’s force your other coworker to go look at the house for you! And not just the other guy, but his wife too – you know, so she can check out closests and the important stuff. Yes. That was said.

Y’all, these demands are so entertaining.

After the volun-told coworker and his wife went to check out this 3,000+ square foot house FOR ANOTHER COUPLE.  He was saying things like:

this house is so old
          it’s 20 years old… not old! And this area is pretty built up, so everything is going to be 20+ years old.

everything will need to be painted
          it’s paint, get over yourself. But also the pictures of the place were amaaaaazing! Granted, I live a shack compared to this place but it really did look spotless.

the kitchen needs to be gutted2018-06-21 15.25.42
the kitchen is bigger than my whole house. Updates? Sure, and that’s me trying to put on rich bitch glasses. Gutted, unnecessary.

the appliances are old
they’re stainless steel! How the fuck are they “old”?!

Sleeping Beauty and Six-Time Wannabe Baby Daddy have put in an offer on their mansion.

Is it bad that I hope it doesn’t work out so I can keep hearing stories?

– MJ

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