I turned off the light in my office, walked back to my desk, bent down to retrieve my sunglasses from my purse. I put them on and prepared myself for pain. I turned to look at my computer monitor. My head ached as the light from my monitor hit my face. I had already taken something for this headache, but it was almost as if the pain medicine ramped up my headache to a full blown migraine.

“Oh! I didn’t even see you in there; I thought you had left!” One of the project managers at my office exclaimed as he leaned into my office. The more he looked, I think he was more freaked out. I’m sitting in my dark office with sunglasses on.

2018-06-18 12.50.42

“I’m still here, just a migraine.” I said dryly. Migraines make me so irrationally angry. Maybe it is rational; it is a lot of pain.

“Do you need to go home?” He consoled.

“I need to finish this submittal & get it sent out, but I may go after that if that’s alright.” The rush of getting to leave early excited me deeply. I could stop by CVS and get something strong for this migraine that I was starting to believe had settled in for life. Then go home, crawl in bed, and try to just drown everything out.

He smiled and nod; giving me the go ahead to peace-out early.

I’m not sure if the remainder of the work I had took me a while or not, but it certainly felt like eons. Every moment was painful. Light was the most painful, but the office phone ringing left my head ringing. Even moving jostled my head and fed the throbbing pain. But somehow I finished and did exactly what I wanted: I went to CVS to get the mama-jama of migraine relief. Excedrin Migraine. GIMME!

I somehow drove in the bright, Louisiana sun to CVS. I decided to leave my sunglasses on inside because MIGRAINE. I walked back toward the pharmacy area and began the hunt for my new Lord and Savior: Excedrin Migraine. For the life of me, I could not see it. I figured the migraine was affecting my ability to comprehend the English language.

Luckily, a CVS employee approached me, “Do you need help finding anything, ma’am.”

“Yeah, where’s the fucking Excedrin?!” I barked.

His eyes widened. Obviously he was dealing with a lunatic. “I believe Excedrin has been pulled from the shelves. There was a large recall.”

“What’s the closest Goddamned thing to it then?”I wasn’t fucking around. Someone get me meds STAT.

He brought me over to the pharmacist who confirmed his story that the Excedrin had been pulled. She went into medical details as to why it had been pulled. I was not amused, I did not care. Mostly because I could barely comprehend breathing. On top of that, bitch forgot to recommend something else to me.

“Ok, y’all done dragged me all over creation. Just grab whatever the hell is gonna get rid of this migraine, bring it here and I’ll pay for it. Go.” I had literally walked an aisle over to talk to the pharmacist, but that was apparently too far for Miss Migraine. This migraine had control of me and it didn’t care who was in the path. Even people that were trying to help me.

He pointed something out, I bought it and quickly was on my way.

It didn’t hit me how I had spoken to them until after I came out of my migraine haze the next day. It was like I had become the Migraine Hulk. Hulk RUDE!!

– MJ

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