Ohhhh, man. I made, what I thought was a SUPER FUNNY post on Facebook on Monday. Except, I didn’t think things through here…

I am a food motivated individual. Mostly a dessert-motivated person, but any form of sugar will do. So, to my surprise there was cake in the office on Monday. And not just one cake, but two! Did I miss someone’s birthday? No. Just two cakes here.

Well, after lunch I decided to treat myself and have a piece. One cake was definitely store bought; it was a “gold” cake with chocolate icing still in it’s packaging from the store. The other was obviously a homemade chocolate on chocolate cake. Come to momma!

I was so ready for some chocolate cake. As a normal, hormonal woman, I can attest that chocolate cake eases a multitude of issues and I certainly needed the remedy today y’all. I cut a small piece and got myself a fork and had that bad boy in my mouth as quickly as… What the hell? What is this shit? My God this cake is so dry. The frosting isn’t good either, but Jesus it’s the only decent part of this thing. How did things go so wrong? Where did this cake come from? Send it back!

I text Benny and say “So there’s cake at the office, but it’s a cruel joke because it’s garbage cake…. I’m eating it anyway because I have problems, but it’s terrible.”

Like any good jokester, I laugh at my own joke. And have the GENIUS idea to post it to Facebook. It quickly get likes and reactions. But what I didn’t think through was that if it looked homemade, it probably was. And if it was homemade, it was probably made by one of my coworker’s wives. Who I am friends with on Facebook. I can’t believe myself; what a fucking idiot.

You see where this is going, right?

Word for word, the EXACT exchange…

MJ: So there’s cake at the office, but it’s a cruel joke because it’s garbage cake….
I’m eating it anyway because I have problems, but it’s terrible.

Coworker’s Wife: Wait a minute…You must have chose the wrong cake! Did you try the ZUCCHINI CAKE I made?!?!?! IT”S EXTRA DARK CHOCOLATE with added awesome points for being somewhat HEALTHY. You can’t even taste the ZUCCHINI! I made [her husband] take it to the office cause I will EAT IT ALL if it was here at the house!

MJ: Oh, shit. You made them? Well, this has backfired. ABORT! ABORT!

Coworker’s Wife: I just made the one…hahaha

MJ: Then I def had the other one…

Coworker’s Wife:  

Just so we’re all on the same page: I am an asshole. 

I’m so glad she has a sense of humor, but I legit feel awful. How was I so stupid to think the cake’s creator wouldn’t hear about my critique? My God. What a complete and utter moron I am!

2018-06-25 14.13.26

But it legit was a cake of lies.

– MJ

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