A few years ago my yorkie, Cooper, got real sick. A few days had gone by with him continuing to barf and his appetite and playful spirit dwindling. I ultimately called the vet and left a message for him to call me back ASAP.

Dehydration can be lethal in smaller dogs and I wanted advice on if I needed to bring him in or if there was something I could do at home.

I decided to try to get him to eat treats! I offered him a Greenie, which he LOVES, but he wasn’t interested. This was alarming; he never misses a treat.

I laid on the floor with him and my ex-husband’s dog, Shelby. She was a English Shepherd, we think, and was extremely bossy. I think that’s a shepherd thing: they either follow the rules or they’re gonna make their own. Luckily, she was a good girl and followed our rules – ultimately, she was the rule “enforcer” once we got Quan and they just never got along all that well.

2009-06-21 09.35.31

[Picture is from when they were both puppies]

So, I’m cuddling him and Shelby came by to supervise. She laid down watching us, I’m sure to make sure we were following the rules. I called out to my then husband to go get cheese. They both fucking love cheese (what dog doesn’t?). They heard me say the word… cheeeeeeese. Their ears both perked up.

He brought back enough pieces that would entice any dog, even a sickly one. I laid it right in front of his nose. I saw his nose twitch to sniff it, but he just didn’t seem to want it. At this point, I’m getting real worried. My child has never said ‘no’ to cheese. Ever.

Right then my cell phone rang and it was the vet, thank God. I’m going over symptoms with him on the phone, I’m starting to cry as I think about how he might not be ok. I go back to sit on the floor with him, encouraging him to eat the cheese.

“He won’t eat the cheese! He won’t!” Being so forlorn over cheese is over the top in anyone’s book, but when it has to do with your baby all bets are off.

Cooper started acting more strangely. I could tell his inner monologue was: “It’s getting dark, Mom. Tell all my friends I’ll miss them. It’s so cold. Mom? Can I have one last kiss?”

I see Shelby laying on the ground, but slowly inching her way towards him. She was coming to say goodbye. Sweet girl.

Our vet is telling me he’s concerned and thinks we should go to the emergency vet.

Shelby is now right in front of Cooper. My heart is breaking; I’m watching my baby die I just know it. She opens her mouth to stick her tongue out; giving him one last kiss… before I can even put anything together Cooper jumps up and is barking and growling at her something fierce. That’s when I realize, Shelby was going for the cheese, not him! He quickly gobbles up the cheese and runs off.

“Oh. Oh, well I guess he’s fine… Nevermind” I say laughing and wiping away the tears over my baby dying.

We all have a big laugh that Cooper could be SO DRAMATIC.

I have no idea where this comes from. Certainly not me. I AM NOT DRAMATIC.

– MJ

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