Ah, yes. Vicki doing what she does best… sending “casseroles” to Tamra and Eddie after Eddie’s heart surgery. Eddie wisely chooses not to eat it; she probably spit in it. And let’s be real, I doubt Tamra ate it either. Homegirl has a strict diet for her body building and I highly doubt Vicki sent anything remotely close to that diet. Vicki is trying to hard to make things right and Tamra is enjoying every second of Vicki’s groveling.

Shannon must have the attorney of the century, because he somehow got David to pay for a vacation for Shannon and the girls to Mexico! Granted, David did that so he could party it up with his newest fling du jour elsewhere, but Shannon really comes out on top here in my opinion! Was it just me or were those suitcases suspiciously overweight? Did we really need to bring a huge pack of tampons and bottled water? I know Shannon is neurotic, but  kind of this she was going to send this bil to David. I hope she did!
2018-07-30 15.03.08Shannon decides to solidify the friendship bracelets she started at last season’s reunion and invite Tamra & Vicki to Mexico. If we can relive the last time those 3 were in Mexico (wait, was it Mexico?), it should be TV GOLD. GOLD, Andy Cohen!! I did find it interesting she didn’t invite Kelly, but we’ll see if anything happens there…

We see Eddie, in what can only be described as an addiction to working out, back at his & Tamra’s gym leading a class that consisted of Tamra, Kelly, and the two new girls: Gina & Emily. Gina calls herself a unicorn because she from LON GUYLAND and demonstrates by saying this like “cawfee.” Gina describes her marriage and we know now they’re getting divorced. He lives elsewhere during the week (with a side piece I’m sure) and Gina and her hellions live in the OC. She’s basically a single parent, but in much nicer circumstances. Rich people.

Next we see Tamra, Kelly, & Emily at a nail salon together. Emily is introducing herself to  Kelly and I’m not sure that Kelly understood anything Emily said. “He proposed on gchat.” *Kelly confused dog look* “My sister was my surrogate.” *Kelly unsure (she had IVF, not sure why this was not computing)* “My husband is mormon so he doesn’t drink and we didn’t have sex before marriage.” *Kelly’s head spun out of disbelief*

We’re treated to Emily and her husband Shane celebrating their anniversary. They’re an interesting pair. Shane does not entertain Emily’s demand of another daughter for one second. He wasn’t rude and she didn’t seem distraught over it. They seem pretty solid; so let’s see how reality TV will mess it up.

Wouldn’t you know it?! Vicki just happens to be close by while Eddie and Tamra are out for lunch. Crazy! What a coincidence! She stops by to kiss the rings and make sure she and Eddie are good; Vicki and Tamra can’t be 100% if Vicki and Eddie aren’t either. And even though “Satan is confusing”, Vicki managed to quote the Bible in her apology to Eddie. Vicki’s apology seemed genuine and sincere! Except for the part where she semi-blamed Eddie for being nasty.  Umm, when the hell was that?! Kelly got it so right in her blog; “You can’t teach an old housewife new tricks.” Vicki is the proverbial victim; always a martyr! She somehow managed to get back on track and after Eddie accepted she basically floated out of the restaurant with relief.

But Vicki’s relief will not last. She calls Kelly and invites herself over to discuss the apology. Well, by the time Vicki got there a story went public that Vicki and her boyfriend, Steve, had been on multiple double dates with Kelly’ ex-husband, Michael. Kelly is upset that her friend didn’t give her the heads up, but in typical Kelly fashion the message gets lost behind and barrage of anger and tears. Vicki think Michael should have been the one to tell Kelly. Eddie should just go ahead and unaccept Vicki’s apology because she’s obviously not learned anything.

Who is looking forward to the Mexico trip because I AM!

– MJ

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