Are y’all as over Gina as I am? Homegirl adds nothing, so far. All I hear her talk about is comparing Lawn Guyland to The OC. Ugh. So, naturally we’re treated to the strangest shopping outing between Gina and a fellow Long Island friend. It felt staged; awkward and all around unnecessary. That scene added nothing. I’m over you Gina. The only interesting part of that scene was Gina dropped some potential shade: her friend, Tatiana, knew Tamra and “used to” work out at Cut Fitness. USED TO?! Interesting.

We then go to Shannon & Kelly out at dinner having a genuinely good time. Those two are fun together! Kelly made reservations for “Kelly & Shannon Beador.” Honestly, it’s probably accurate; they’re both getting divorced and while Kelly has dived into dating and Shannon isn’t nearly ready they’re supporting each other in this post-marriage life.

Then we see Tamra & Eddie (and Tamra’s son) taking Eddie in for ANOTHER heart surgery. This poor guy, y’all. Tamra confesses that Shannon has disappointed her lately. Shannon hasn’t reached out to see how Tamra & Eddie are doing between all the surgeries, Tamra’s Naked Wasted broken foot, & the house move. Tamra surprised me; she actually is aware that she’s feeling left out. Who is this woman?!

Tamra & Shannon go shopping for work out equipment for Shannon… even though we KNOW Shannon hates working out, but she’d rather do it at home than at her bestie’s gym. I understand that; I also abhor working out. Tamra actually takes this moment to tell Shannon she feels left out, but also tells Shannon that Kelly is a bad influence… and Shannon is right in her confessional: seems a little judgemental coming from the woman that got “naked wasted” in Mexico and broke her own foot.

Now, onto Vicki. Do we have to?!? Ugh. Vicki is sad Briana and family moved away (RUN BRIANA!) and now her only family member is her son, Michael. Poor Michael. But he’s somehow always dealt with Vicki better, mostly because he doesn’t share a whole lot with her. Smart.


What would an episode be without getting everyone together? We’re treated to Emily hosting a poker night at her house. Shannon proves just how different the beat of her drum is by arriving in a horrid poker themed suit. Only Shannon could pull it off. Everyone arrives, except Vicki – who Tamra accurately describes as expecting everyone else to be on Vicki’s schedule. Who is this wise Tamra? They decide to go ahead and start eating/drinking. Gina starts hammering those drink and gets shriller and shriller. More shrill? Whatever, MORE ANNOYING. Once Vicki comes, Kelly AGAIN brings up how Vicki set-up her ex-husband with a friend. Ok, I get it but LET IT GO. Emily’s mother-in-law, Pary (who is FAB btw), instantly takes Kelly’s side and now those two are T R O U B L E. Love it. Vicki can’t stop herself and makes it worse by digging in her heels and not admitting when she was wrong. Oh, Vicki. You stupid bitch.

They start playing poker and Gina says that everyone else has an unfair advantage because they’re older and therefore have more botox… damn, ageist much? Shannon takes offense because she’s probably the most natural out of the whole group.

Tamra & Shannon take Vicki outside to try to get Vicki to understand SHE DID BAD. And to apologize to Kelly. Shannon gets Kelly and poor Kelly sobs through the whole thing. She feels lonely and the loneliness was made worse when Vicki chose Michael over Kelly. Vicki promises to call more and never betray her again…. ok, Vicki. Don’t set yourself up for failure, girl. You know you can’t live up to that last part.

Back inside, Gina has taken loud-drunk to a new level. Listen, I’m from New Orleans. We ARE loud people, ok? But you can’t be loud when no one else is. It’s tacky, even we know that. Plus, we already don’t like her so she can’t win here.

The next morning we find out Emily’s husband, Shane, was livid over Gina’s drunken antics. Here’s the thing though… your wife had a party. She served alcohol. Gina partook in the alcohol & party. THAT WAS THE POINT. If you were so worried about your kids, GO IN ANOTHER ROOM. Or come down and talk to her like an adult and don’t yell at her over the bannister like a kid. I don’t like Gina, but Shane is so in the wrong here it slays me.

The episode ends with the news Eddie’s 2039798436598264 heart procedure didn’t work. My God, how many surgeries are they gonna botch?! Maybe go to a new doctor, bro. I really do hope he gets better though.

– MJ

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