Y’all, we open with a gift from GAWD. Sexy Steve, Shannon’s trainer, is here to get Shannon into shape. I need a Steven. Like Shannon, I abhor working out. I SO feel you girl. Even the fact that her BFFL owns a gym cannot motivate her to actually go….. “I want my stomach to go in further than my boobs.” My God, this is why I love Shannon. KEEPIN IT REAL AWARD.

Next, Tamra rolls into her & Eddie’s double date with Emily & Shane. You know, the Shane that’s in the dog house. Tamra, wisely, decides she needs to actually get to know Shane before she judges him. But y’all, here’s the weird part. She’s known Emily for THREE YEARS but has never met the guy? Color me confused.

Kelly and her daughter, Jolie, are making boxed brownies (the horror) in Kelly’s “1970’s BLEGH!” place. I can’t. They’d die if they saw my 1,200 sf house. Kelly continues to surprise me; I’m so used to seeing her fly off the handle and be so extreme in her reactions. This season she has been cool, calm, and collected. It’s refreshing! She realizes she and her ex-husband have done Jolie wrong by being spoiling her so much. Kelly decides she and Jolie will go volunteer at a Soup Kitchen – and it’s not all for Jolie, Kelly realizes she’s a little out of touch too.

Steve and Vicki are enjoying huge glasses of wine. And because Vicki can never get enough of being the center of attention, she reminds Steve that her birthday is coming up. The day the fun bus was born. Let’s be real, Vici is gunning for a ring from Steve. HARD.

Gina meets a late Emily – because her Tesla’s battery ran out. Man, first world problems. Gina tells Emily that they all talked about Emily after she left dinner the other night. Uh, DUH. Y’all, I do not care about this anymore. Good Lord.

We see Kelly & Jolie making good on feeding the homeless. I’m confused by the outfits, did they think it would be nice to try to blend in? Again, Kelly says she needs to not only physically move out from her castle, but mentally/emotionally as well. In the end, Jolie enjoyed herself & I think it was a powerful moment for the two of them.

Tamra is sitting in her, what appears to be completed kitchen, with her mom. Tamra says she’s been using CBD oil on her foot and that somehow prompts her mom to say “My new boyfriend smokes pot.” Tamra is more shocked by the fact her mom has a boyfriend and is grateful for it! Tamra confesses that she wishes Shannon came to her with healthy lifestyle questions & is insulted Shannon supports someone other than Cut Fitness… Ruh roh. So, Tamra takes the opportunity to air all the divorce deets. Apparently, after David was ultimately ordered to pay Shannon $22,500/month, he decided to take the utilities out of his name. Poor Shannon did not know you had to pay for water and called Tamra in a tizzy. Tamra is upset because Shannon never asks about Eddie.

The women are getting together for Vicki’s birthday golf outing… I really think was because Vicki wanted to show off the golf clubs from Steve. Gotta brag on him if you wanna get the ring! (sarcasm) Tamra’s so right, wtf happened to the REAL “whoop it up” Vicki?! So, this golf outing seems to have 0 people that have actually played before… but we have the drama all teed up (get it?). Emily is upset with Shannon, Tamra sounds pretty frustrated with Shannon; this does not look good for Shannon. First, we are treated to a flashback of Vicki driving golf carts – I never knew I needed this scene, but fuck me it was good!

But, wait! Scratch what I said earlier – KELLY has played before! They’re all blowing in the breathalyzers Tamra brought. No surprise, they’re ALL over the legal limit. But the fun is over, Emily just hit Shannon with questions with buzz words like “abuse.” Shannon stumbles through an apology while maintaining her innocence. Emily states there need to be boundaries. Kelly offers for the three of them to go sit down while they wait on Vicki, Tamra & Gina. But VTG are still drunk-golfing, but they eventually make it to lunch… where they all keep drinking. Obvs.

So now we get to rehash this whole game of telephone. Shannon wants to know where the word “abuse” got added. Unfortunately, the audience knows Emily somehow added it in. Gina defends herself well, though. Emily & Gina decide to handle it the two of them, since this whole thing did originally involve the two of them. Let’s follow the two conversations separately…

Shannon points out that Tamra is actually the one who brought up Emily & Shane at dinner and yet somehow Shannon is getting the heat from Emily! Tamra doesn’t like the “blame” she’s getting. Shannon is rightfully confused; why is Tamra mad at Shannon? Tamra has spoken about this whole situation ad nauseum! I feel like this was some strange way of punishing Vicki – Vicki is the one that called Eddie “gay” and said David was “abusive.” Unfortunately, Tamra went about it wrong and Shannon got caught in the fire. Poor Kelly jumped to each of their defenses because this fight made NO sense. Tamra takes an even lower blow by saying that if Shannon had a marriage she actually was happy in, she’d be pissed when her husband was insulted… Y’all. Tamra is forgetting a lot of things. And I love that Tamra is saying Shannon made this situation about herself because that’s exactly what Tamra did.

Emily & Gina make headway until Emily says “but your husband isn’t around!” And while that’s true, it’s hurtful to Gina. Gina calls Emily on the carpet. Ultimately they decide to “put that baby to bed!” and hug it out.

The preview for next week’s episode looks AMAZING. I am so looking forward to it!

Also, can we talk about RHONY & RHOD?! RHONY’s reunion is straight-up nuts & RHOD came to play y’all.

– MJ

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