My house is a small starter home I purchased after my divorce. While it’s not something the average person would be proud of, it’s my pride and joy! It’s a 1,200 sf house that was full of builder-grade everything. The previous / original owner did not update anything to the house. Which, truth be told, is probably for the best because it gave me a lot of room to play with. So far, I’ve added a concrete patio, replaced an old & beat up shed for a new one that also housed my well & filter system.

I have several projects on my list, but the master bathroom topped it! It’s an incredibly small bathroom; about 9′ x 5′. The vanity was smaller than the one in the guest bath (which makes 0 sense) and there was a huge gap between the vanity and toilet. The shower/tub combo is a joke. You can’t take a bath in that thing! And I fucking miss taking a bath!! Also, behind the bathroom door was the closet door; some genius decided to have them open INTO each other. It was waterboarding in the form of bathroom doors. 

I cleaned everything out before we started demo (literally everything but the toilet was going away – and the toilet only stayed because I didn’t hate it and it worked) and took a few pictures. Luckily, D works at a plumbing supply warehouse & I was able to get discounts on a lot of things…
Tub: someone ordered it and unboxed it and I don’t know if they changed their mind or if they ordered the wrong thing, but I got a steep discount on the tub. I had it sitting in the shed for a while before I was ready to pull the trigger. Normally $340 and I think we got it for $250.
Shower Walls: D’s store sells this stuff by Kohler called Choreograph; I’d never heard of it but apparently it’s a huge deal and it severely delayed our bathroom. It was originally supposed to take 2-4 weeks to come in and that quickly became about 10 weeks. Not gonna lie, I was livid.
Finishes: Again, got sweet deals from D’s work; some of it free.
Vanity: I looked for MONTHS for something, but everything was really expensive and I was too anxious to pull the trigger. Until my coworker told me about a vanity listed on NextDoor that was 50% off! Normally like $1,400 and I got it for $750! They ordered it and the wife decided she didn’t like it; so it became my gain!
Flooring: I had long thought I’d do stained concrete, but our friends just built their house and I loved their flooring. They used that new vinyl; I think it’s called “engineered vinyl.” Unfortunately no deal there, but it’s gorgeous!
Doors: Y’all, those old doors were the death of me (they opened into each other, who builds this shit?). I decided to change to barn doors! Lowe’s for the doors and my contractor ordered the hardware from Amazon.
Lighting: Lowe’s. So far I’m keeping the same vent and closet light.
Glass Shower Door: I could have ordered these from D’s work, but truthfully it was cheaper at Lowe’s, so that’s what I did.
Mirrors: Wayfair! I hunted for a while on mirrors, but found a good deal on Wayfair.

Not that these pictures are to scale, but I had a hard time choosing mirrors, so I printed out pictures to help me visualize. D really wanted some gold in the bathroom, but once we saw it with the light & vanity it simply didn’t look good. So I went with the oval instead.

Demo in 1 day!

We started demolition in early November. I knew scheduling would be a pain, and it was. The plumber had to reschedule several times, which pushed back the sheetrockers. So, it stayed like this longer than I’d have liked.

The above pictures are after the plumber came to add a sink to the vanity (I went from 1 sink to 2), install the tub (that I can actually soak in), and then the sheetrockers hung sheetrock. The last part of that sentence sounds redundant, but I’m not sure how else to say that!

Flooring! 🙂 

I thought I’d take a little different picture perspective so you can see the new doorway opening, without door casing for the barn door. I love that flooring. I decided to go with it knowing I’d most likely put it throughout the rest of the house (one day).
Once the flooring was completely installed (took 1 day), we put in the vanity! YAY! But we realized that some of the plumbing would need a tweak here and there, so it won’t be hooked up for a bit.

The baseboard and quarter round (aka shoe moulding) was installed the following day.

This seems like a good stopping point for now. Look out for PART 2!

– MJ

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