On this blog, we explore..well, everything & anything we want. Na na na boo boo!
We are 3 chicks that are just trying to laugh our way through life. We all have jobs that aren’t, you know, the made-up kind of job where you live some fictitious life hopping around the globe or selling everyone useless bullshit that no one wants anyway (lookin at you, over priced fash wash & stretchy clothing). No! We work for the man. And we’re… ok with it. I guess. I mean, it’s boring. But money is important y’all. See, life tips abound around here! Anyway, enjoy our predicaments that allow us to have a better life than anyone else… through HUMOR.


Scarlette B.

Distracted artist who takes a look at things and overanalyzes pretty frequently. Descriptively delicious moments can reveal a different view in a situation or just lead you to over visualize in your head a moment that has passed and her obsessive mind has managed to pull you into the perspective. Good luck with that… 



Drag queen obsessed gamer girl who lives next door to parents.  I like beaches, birds, and imbibing. Doesn’t get more real than that.





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I’m amazed at the boring life I have created for myself.  Divorced, no kids. I own a home in a little suburb and live with my boyfriend, D-man.  I have two fur-kids: Cooper, a 9 year old yorkie who loves to explore my backyard looking for lizards. No, that’s not a euphemism. Quan, a 8 year old chill AF greyhound. She’s a serious diva who refuses to lay on anything that isn’t carpet, a dog bed, the couch, or my bed. Both are food motivated individuals, much like their momma.

My hobbies? Reality TV: ALL the Housewives, Southern Charm, Kardashians, Rupaul’s Drag Race, Total Divas / Total Bellas, So You Think You Can Dance, Handmaid’s Tale. Sometimes yoga.

I live to find sweet deals on things that help me give the illusion I am a hot chick.
HUGE animal lover.